Before we get in our heads about the goals we want(ed) to achieve (but perhaps did not at the start of the New Year) let’s remind ourselves that real change doesn’t happen overnight! Don’t beat yourself up, instead let’s get refocused and steady.

How? I’ll show you! But first, to truly make a life-changing transformation, we must remember to be consistent with the smallest of daily choices. Committing to little things IS what makes for a big difference. May I remind you Rome wasn’t built in a day?

So, where to begin? Let’s take your morning routine as an example. You’re hungry but running late for a 9 am meeting. So, you opt for a protein bar as the smart-healthy option. But, when you think about it, is it really the best option?

Not sure? Then check out this Worst, Better, and Best list we compiled for a few of those small, daily choices that can keep us from our achieving our optimal goals.

For Your Energy:

Sometimes it feels like our body is running on empty and we need a little pick-me-up to go on with the day. If not dehydrated (as often this alone can cause us to feel tired and down, what should you be reaching for when the slump happens?

Worst Choice: Monster / Energy Drinks

Energy drinks, like Monster, are loaded with calories, artificial flavoring, and excessive amounts of sugar. And for the “no sugar ones” those calorie substitutes are body wreckers. They are so counter-productive to your overall need for a boost because what you don’t see happening is the cascading detrimental effects it’s having on various organs and body systems. Not to mention, it can be expensive.

Better Choice: Coffee

Coffee makes for a better choice, especially when Organic, but be sure not to add in too many creams or sugars. You can try incorporating Rice Bran Solubles instead (trust us, it tastes great AND boasts health benefits), and can make a Bulletproof type of coffee with it too, should that be your thing.

Rice Bran Solubles are the most potent, nutrient-rich part of rice. They are amazing plant complexes that contain a wide variety of nutrients not found in other foods. This one has a light, nutty, buttery flavor and can turn on your skinny gene, adiponectin!

It also:

  • May support healthy blood glucose.
  • May support a healthy body weight.
  • Can help promote healthy cholesterol levels and cardiovascular function.

If caffeine is a no-go for you, thus omitting green teas and Matcha, you can try this yummy favorite below! It’s a fabulous option for no jitter feels or digestion distress, and one we three LIVE on!

Best: Can’t Beet This

The Can’t Beet This is the perfect way to energize your body. You’ll feel a healthy boost from this nitrate-rich beet powder that also tastes great. There is no crash and contains less caffeine than the average cup of coffee. Sound good?

Also used as a natural Pre-workout formula, you can power up performance without highly caffeinated alternatives! This delicious organic fruity-tasting beetroot formula delivers oxygen and nutrients for sustained energy and maximum strength. A must-have for any active lifestyle, Can’t Beet This is a great source of nitrates for nitric oxide conversion, which supports circulation and endurance.

May help: 

  • Energy & Endurance
  • Heart Health 
  • Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Vascular Integrity

For Your Greens:

We know … It can be a little hard to get your greens in. So, naturally, we look for faster solutions, but what’s good and what’s not?

Worst: Fast Food Smoothies & Jamba Juice

Okay, let’s agree not to pull up to McDonald’s or any fast-food place. They may offer some type of green smoothie, but we can guarantee it’s not what you think it is. Jamba Juice may also pack on the sugar, with some blends blurring the line between an ice cream smoothie and some form of nutritional green drink! Just a small Apple n’ Greens smoothie can clock in at 45g of sugar. No, thanks!

Better: Non-GMO Juice Blends:

Green drinks made from non-GMO and organic ingredients are the best way to go. You might be able to find some of these blends in your local specialty grocery store (like Sprouts) or even some department stores, like Target. But here at Give a Shift we opt for the following because we know it’s good to green from formulation to manufacturing to delivery to the best part, your health.

Here’s what the team is taking!

Best: Green Spectrum & More Greens

The Green Spectrum powder uses cruciferous veggies with essential plant nutrients, and the More Greens is just like Green Spectrum, but with the added bonus of probiotics and even…more…greens. Just drop a mix in your shaker bottle and you’re good to go!

For Your Plant Based-Protein

Worst: Processed Protein Bars

Even when they’re vegan, plant-based protein bars can be a total pain. Why? Like popular sports drinks, these little things can pack a ton of sugar and fat content. If you’re going to pack these in your work bag, look for the ones with the least additives or you know or just let them go altogether.

Better: MVP Sport

This MVP Sport powder is chock full of muscle-building, plant-based natural protein at 32g a serving. Plus, it’s available in two yummy flavors and works well as a supplement to any diet. It’s a staple in our daily routine.

And along with Coffee, Matcha, and Chai options available we ladies always have the Dark Berry on hand!  It tastes magnificent and makes for a delicious and nutritious snack or meal. It provides 12 phytonutrient-packed fruits and berries plus a full serving of organic vegan protein, and is complemented by medium-chain-triglycerides, ginkgo biloba, and lion’s mane. The formula includes a full spectrum of trace minerals from fulvic and humic acids, plus plant-sourced Vitamin C, and supports collagen building (great for vegans), memory, focus and vascular integrity, all while satisfying your hunger!

May help:

  • Collagen Production
  • Focus & Memory 
  • Healthy Glucose Levels
  • Heart Health

“Fruits and herbs are the basis of our cellular survival. Purium’s Dark Berry is yet another offering from nature’s apothecary carefully crafted to create transformational change in your body.” – Dave Sandoval

And the Super Amino 23

What is it?

It is a pre-digested 100% vegetarian protein that is composed of non-soy legumes and is 400% to 500% more nutritionally effective than isolates from whey casein and safer than soy. “Pre-digested” means Super Amino 23 does not enter the intestines and produces no fecal residue. Featured in the Physician’s Desk Reference for its ability to rapidly absorb protein into the bloodstream in 23 minutes.

How does it work?

Super Amino 23 creates “anabolic” muscle activity (the body state for burning fat and repairing/building muscle). 

The capsules are considered “pre-digested,” which might sound strange, but it simply means that it goes straight into your bloodstream and does not put a burden on any of your organs.  Super Amino 23 has 99% Net Nitrogen Utilization (NNU), which alleviates any burden on your kidneys or liver like other proteins. The liver and kidneys do not have to clear “catabolic” waste that comes with the digestion of common dietary protein. 

It is an important protein source for anyone that might have digestive issues, such as people who have had gastric bypass surgery or elderly people with reduced appetites. You don’t have to become vegan to feel the benefits of having Super Amino 23!


  • Helps create lean muscle 
  • Helps burn fat 
  • Helps tighten skin 
  • May improve mental acuity
  • Helps increase skin elasticity 
  • Anti-aging
  • Healthy heart maintenance

Best: Protein-packed Whole Foods

Most nutritionists would suggest you get most of your protein from your diet, namely in food. For plant-based eaters, this may mean integrating dishes like chickpea pasta, edamame, or natural nut and seed butters. We recommend also finding a place for Spirulina! Trust us! There is one available in the store too.

For Your Tummy Troubles 

Indigestion is not pretty and can be a damper on your day. What’s even worse is if you deal with gastrointestinal issues for an extended period. Whether your lunch is not going right, or you’ve been feeling icky for days, here’s our advice for daily struggles.

Worst: Pepto-Bismol

Throwing a bottle in your bag for the road may seem like a good idea, but it could be the opposite. Although it’s meant to soothe your stomach woes, some side effects may not be calming at all. Some side effects include:

  • ringing in the ears
  • anxiety
  • nausea
  • vomiting.

Plus, it’s not recommended to use this product for extended period of time.

Better: Probiotics, Aloe Digest, Digestive Enzymes

Constant aches and issues might ease with a re-balancing of the microbiome. Your stomach is home to all kinds of bacteria, both good and bad. Providing your body with the good ones may help clear out the bad. The Aloe Digest is made up of fruits and veggies good for upset bellies, and it has probiotic cultures. For digestive troubles, Digestive Enzymes may help things flow a little better, especially when eating certain foods.

Best: Biome Medic

Give your body the superior gut health it deserves, with this core Purium product. An exclusive and proprietary formula filled with all-natural ingredients was awarded a Gold Seal by the Detox Project as a glyphosate detox solution. Biome Medic can help flush harmful toxins, support “good” bacteria and protect your microbiome from GMO damage. Check out the research and video below! 

May help:

  • Detoxify glyphosate
  • Digestion
  • Immunity
  • Healthy C-reactive protein levels

Stay Healthy Everyday

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We’re here for you…always,

Alicia, Nancy, & Alice